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JavaFX 2

I originally took a quick look at the original JavaFX when it was first announced. When I heard the concept I thought it sounded interesting to potentially use on the desktop front but on the web front it was a no-no. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I honestly think HTML5 will rule the roost there and JavaFX is really too late. I also really didn't like the scripting language - some people do and I can see it's benefit, but for an application that I'm creating fully it created a bit of unnecessary complexity in my opinion.

Anyway, this was all a few years back now and for a number of reasons, but primarily because it looks a promising technology for an aspect of my PhD, I've been giving it another look. I've wanted to ever since I saw the impressive keynote demo last year, but hadn't had the time to really get into it. For the last few weeks however that's changed and I've been playing away!

Initial impressions, I have to say, are good. It is now of course ful…