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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


No, I haven't become addicted to the orange fruit growing on trees. But I have become a tad addicted to the game called apricots (again, nothing to do with the fruit and aside from "various reasons" I can't find any explanation as to why it's called this!)

It's a game where you have to fly a little plane around and shoot enemy bases whilst avoiding civilian houses, trees and skyscrapers. Grab it, it's free and has Linux and Windows versions:

It's rather simplistic, but highly addictive and I like the idea. Despite the fact the site claims it's still being developed, the last update was the best part of a decade ago, and after attempting to contact the author a while back and receiving no reply I'm pretty certain it's been abandoned. I'm considering taking the idea and rewriting it in Java with more modern looking graphics and gameplay - it'd be an interesting project on the side. That is if I can stop playing the thing...

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